Anime Sim Date 1.0


July 11, 2008

Player Character

anonymous male

Date-able Characters

Ayame, Reina, Eri

Possible Endings


Anime Sim Date 1.0 was the first dating sim created by Pacthesis on July 11, 2008.


You (the player character) are trying to find happiness in the form of female companionship. How sweet.


The game opens with some musings from the player character about how he longs to find happiness, destiny, etc. The three dateable girls are introduced briefly. The player character speaks to each one of them throughout the course of one school day in a preset order--the layout is much more like that of a visual novel. There are three minigames the player character must complete, one for each girl. If the conversation with the girl is successful, the player character is given a secret code to write down for the girl. At the end of the game, the player character must choose who to buy a gift for--the gift determines who the player character will end with. To unlock a gift, the secret code for the girl must be entered into a grid. After the gift is unlocked, the player character must confess his feelings to the chosen girl--if the wrong thing is said in conversation, the game will end.


Player CharacterEdit

The player character in this game is anonymous and male.


Ayame is the first girl the player character meets.


Reina is the second girl the player character meets. She enjoys reading and carries a lot of books.


Eri is the third girl the player character meets. She is very friendly and enjoys talking about food.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"...I want to find happiness. But... maybe my happiness lies within someone else?"

"I guess destiny really was on my side. Or maybe... I think I had it in me all along."


  • this is the only dating sim created by Pacthesis that is played in the second person, meaning that the player character is referred to as "you" rather than by another name (though this is also true in the beginning of Anime Sim Date 2.0, the game itself is played in the first person)
  • a reference to Emerald Moon is made