Ian leroy by chibistarchan-d4ty6a5

Ian Leroy Fanart

Ian Leroy is a character in Kingdom Days Sim Date and a potential love interest.


Ian has dark brown hair and green eyes. Two dark brown wolf ears stick out from his head and also has a dark brown tail. He wears a bandana around his neck and also wears an armor plate on his shoulder as proof he is a soldier. He wears a low-cut sweater and red fingerless gloves. He also wears brown pants and black shoes.


Ian Leroy is a soldier from Cesathian Kingdom, and was assigned to kill any member of royalty during the war. During his stay in the Hepcatsis Kingdom, he meets the princess of the Lunar Kingdom, Rose. If the main player chooses to talk with Ian, Ian will tell the player that he was assigned to kill her. But instead, he decided to see what she was like, and ended up falling in love with her. 


If the main player chooses to be with Ian along with maximum relationship points, she will be able to end with him. In the ending, a year after, the war ended and Ian and Rose got married. They soon had a son named Willis. 


  • Ian likes to paint.
  • He was teased in the Cesathian Kindom for painting.