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Kingdom Days Title Screen

Kingdom Days Sim Date is an online dating game created by Pacthesis. The playable character is Rose, and the datable sim characters are (From left to right)  Lewis AshtonDaniel ClaudIan LeroyFerris Vidal, and Joseph Knight.


Rose (renamable) is a young orphan who, one day, meets a boy who accidentaly threw his ball over the orphanage fence. When the boy asks her if she wanted to play, she said she cannot leave the gates. Later on, Rose discovers that she is the lost daughter of Queen Lilla and King Sakka Urwin of the Lunar Kingdom. The boy who found her at the orphanage, Lewis, is a servant of her father, the King. 


Princess Rose's castle is being attacked by Cesathians, and Lewis and she escapes to the Hepcatsis Kingdom. There, they beg the king, Joseph, if they can take refugee in his kingdom. When he says no, Lewis tells Joseph that he can marry Rose if they are able to stay. The wedding is in 30 days, and Rose can use that time to do whatever she wants. 

Datable CharactersEdit

Lewis Ashton- The servant of Rose's father. A potential love interest.

Daniel Claud- A ghost of a boy who died in a war, and Rose is apparently the only one who can see him. A potential love interest.

Ian Leroy- A soldier from the Cesathian kingdom, and came to the Hepcatsis Kingdom for some odd reason. A potential love interest.

Ferris Vidal- A vampire that Rose rescues from a locked coffin. A potential love interest.

Joseph Knight- Rose's fiance and the king of the Hepcatsis Kingdom, he mysteriously dissapears for half of the game.